Hear from our clients

I have been a customer of Lisa’s for over 20 years. Lisa is passionate about her customers, her work, and has a great sense of humor. Hair replacement was a big decision for me. Most men are anxious about the process and are reluctant to make the call. Lisa takes the time to help you understand the process and truly transforms lives. Lisa has created an office that respects your privacy and makes you feel welcomed. She and her staff pay attention to the details to ensure that you will leave their office with a natural looking head of hair. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her customers experience by attending trade shows that introduce the latest technology and products in hair replacement. If you are concerned about hair loss I would highly encourage you to pick up the phone. Calling Lisa was one of the best decisions that I have made for my life and my career.
My hair has been thinning for many years, I have tried every shampoo, dietary supplement, hormone replacement therapy out there. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through treatment, the little bit of hair I had grew back even sparser. This became such an overwhelming problem emotionally. I was referred to Hair Innovations by a client of Lisa’s, I truly thank God for Hair Innovations, and the only thing I can say is WOW I wish I had did it sooner.
Edie B.
I have been a client of Hair Innovations for 5 years. When I moved to the Richmond area, they were the first Hair Replacement center that I called. I have been there ever since. They are sincere and caring like family. Their professionalism outweighs that of any other Hair Replacement center that I have been to. For me hair replacement is a very personal thing and I have to say: Lisa and Hanna take pride in the confidentiality of each client. Thank you Hair Innovations!
Tim T.